Wednesday, February 11, 2009


di terbangkn orang2..

terrible2 week..
i dont know why..
it seem i dont care much on my stdy..
let c....

task: post pic of model making in google group
result: -ve
task: finalizing building services assignment 
result: juz starting 2 do it..

task: wake up at 7.30 for classes.
result: LATE!!!..8am till i woke up..
task: taking test
resut: mgarut ja jwb..

task: wake up at 10 for 11am class..
result: 11.05??..not again!!!!!!..
task: taking pop quiz..
result: some stupid decision lead me till..i missed it..
(we go out from my stdy 4 awhile)
task: make her cmfrtable like always..
result: something happen and it effect almost everything!!!!!!!!..i hurt her again..why again and again???..after 1 comes another..

patient,stay with me..acommpany me..
dont come near me anger and dont you try to be near her just not invited here and there..get the s**T out from here..make me better person..pliss..missed u much3...

dedicated  song...
trust you
yuna ito
gundam 00 s2 ending..

2 ayt pepatung:

tearose said...

Aik? Lain je bunyinya tu? Missing someone?

orang2.. said...

mayB kot..