Saturday, January 31, 2009


di terbangkn orang2..

pretty much with simpang siur..
sometimes very difficult 2 catch up..
i mean.. VERY2 difficult..
and i really DO mean it..
but sometimes we'll be honoured to get along with it..
we'll be enjoy to go through with it..
because it somehow filled the emptiness of ourselves..
it teach us..
being our forever teacher and our best bud..
guide us to go through the simpang siur..
and eventually make us to be us..
to be a better person..insyaallah..

how 2 controlled it??..
how 2 communicate with it??..
and how 2 be align with its direction??..
its depend..
on how you play with its axis,its physics and its inner and outer structural systems..
but it will affect the others either you like it..
or not..
somehow,what you do is maybe 50-50 2 different person..
its will be the advantages and at the same time exist as the disadvantages..
it will be bad in good and the opposites goes..
be patient in searching the right way to get along with it..
try to learned the others feeling on what you've done..
because they = you..